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Fresh Bagels



After several months of investigating and having several inquiries with regards to franchising, the owners of Jacks Bagels decided to take the brand to a national level.


Jacks Bagels will be the first bagel shop franchise in South Africa. Internationally, there are several other franchising companies specialising in bagels, and the most well-known are Einstein‘s and New York Bagels. The idea to add a South African flavour to our shop, will be well received in the South African context.



Jacks Bagels is named after co-owners John and J-Lee Human's son. He was three years old when they opened and he is now considered a regular customer. He is always first in line when the fresh flavoured bagels come out of the oven. 


The former teacher and her husband open their first shop on the 18th of March 2018, in Main Road, Walmer, and a second shop on the 12th of September 2019, at the Perridgevale Centre, Greenacres. 


They started their bagel journey with the traditional Jewish-style deli water bagel but found that the local clientele wanted something lighter.  The couple baked and boiled many variations before settling on the New York-style bagels.​

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