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Where Inspiration Begins

What began as a dream became a brand new niche market in South Africa – the bagel market! Jacks Bagels was the first bagel-centered franchise in South Africa – and it became THE new trend. Everyone wanted a Jacks Bagel! 

Our journey began with a desire to infuse South African taste and culture into the traditional New York-style bagel. What emerged is the artisanal Jacks Bagel:  A chewy crust with dense but soft inner-baked goodness. It's our unique take on a classic, and our customers can't get enough.


As one of South Africa's Quick Service Food Franchises, Jacks Bagels has earned a reputation for offering a full range of top-quality, fresh products with exceptional care to our amazing customers. 


Join the bagel revolution and own your very own Jacks Bagels store today!

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  • How much does a Jack Bagels store cost to open?
    Launching a turnkey Jacks Bagels store requires an investment starting from R1.2 million exclusive of VAT (terms and conditions apply). This includes equipment, training, and shop fitting. Opening stock is not included. A new franchisee must have a minimum of 3 to 4 months running capital.
  • Where can I open a new Jacks Bagels Location?
    Ideally, we would like a road or parking-facing storefront with some area for outside seating. We would like the area to have a great food culture with a medium to high LSM in the area and high foot traffic. Schools, universities, and office blocks have always been a winning combination for our stores. Our concept relies on a main store of +- 90 to 100 SQM with multiple satellite stores within a 7 to 11 km radius of the main store.
  • What is the joining process?
    Franchisee Inquiry We require you to fill out a nondisclosure agreement. Fill out the Franchise application. A face-to-face or Teams/Zoom meeting will then occur with HQ representative(s) If all goes well - moving forward, then you will be invoiced R100 00,00 excl VAT returnable deposit minus cost incurred up to the Point of refund. Moving forward – the balance of the invoice needs to be paid. A to-do list will be issued. Provided all conditions are met the shop proceeds with construction for opening.
  • What is the duration of a Franchisee License?
    5 years with the option of renewal after the set term.
  • Does Jacks Bagels assist with financing?
    Jacks Bagels does not offer funding but we have built strong relationships with numerous lending institutions that we are happy to recommend and assist in any way with the application process. Funding is fully at the discretion of the institutions where the application is made and Jacks Bagels can not guarantee a successful application.
  • Does Jacks Bagels charge a monthly royalty fee and if so at what percentage?
    A 5% Royalty fee is charged on turnover exl VAT.
  • Are franchises expected to contribute to a common marketing fund? If so, how much will I pay in marketing fees?
    Franchises are expected to contribute a flat rate of R1250.00 exl VAT to the marketing admin towards content and brand awareness monthly. Every franchise store is expected to spend at least 1% of its turnover on marketing efforts.
  • Do I need any restaurant or hospitality experience?
    No, we require no prior experience, we provide training and support throughout each process of owning a Jacks Bagels. We do have Core Values that you need to strive to maintain in every aspect of our business: 1. We won’t compromise on quality ∙ Keep a well-stocked business and never run out of products. ∙ Manage your stock effectively. Regular stock takes and sufficient cash flow are key. ∙ Taste test often. 2. We are passionate about our product ∙ Keep your shop clean and organized. De-clutter regularly. ∙ Practice suggestive selling and train your staff to do the same. 3. We are reliable and communicate effectively ∙ Maintain good relationships with suppliers by making regular payments and orders. ∙ Ask for help! Jacks HQ is your best resource for information and help. No question is a stupid one. 4. We have fun! Smiling, energetic staff are always available and eager to assist. 5. We provide great customer service ∙ Create a relaxing, welcoming, and friendly environment for your customers. Recreate that well-known and loved Jacks Bagels vibe. ∙ Create and keep long-lasting customer relationships. Chat to your customers often! Make a point to remember their names and favourite orders. ∙ If necessary, trade past opening and closing times. Never turn away a customer. 6. We take personal responsibility ∙ Be consistently present in your store as its owner. ∙ Correct your mistakes as soon as possible. Respond promptly and professionally to online reviews, be they bad or good. ∙ Be aware of other coffee shop/bakery owners selling our products - look out for large, repetitive orders. 7. We strive for excellence ∙ Everything we do, we do to achieve our highest standards and nothing less. 8. We seek opportunities for growth ∙ Anyone can suggest new ideas to Jacks HQ at any stage, we are open to hearing them! 9. We work as a team ∙ Work alongside your staff. A happy team is productive. Help, encourage, and motivate your team by using tools like incentives and rewards. 10. We contribute to our communities and our environment ∙ Build your footprint by marketing your store to schools and businesses. Make donations, and support local community drives and events. They will support you in return.
  • What makes a good franchisee?
    Someone who is passionate about what they do and our brand. You need to be a great leader with a good work ethic and have a vibrant, energetic, and outgoing personality. Attention to detail is key, willingness to learn and the ability to adapt. Good communication skills not only for customers but employees, suppliers, and all the people you may deal with. Be team-orientated, focused, dedicated, and proactive.
  • What is the time frame for opening a new Jack Bagels Store?
    From full payment – between 4 to 6 weeks.


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